At Narrow Escape Rooms, one of our aims is to keep our team happy and engaged, one of the strategies we enjoy is team building / team bonding. Our favourite team building activities are escape rooms however we also like to experience other entertainment activities Penrith has to offer.

Some benefits of team building include:

  • Connect remote teams
  • Increased motivation
  • Improve productivity
  • Increased collaboration
  • Encourage creativity
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Improved communication
  • Uncover hidden talents

The Narrow Escape Team Wrecks Havoc at Smash Stuff Rage Rooms

In March 2023, we thought we would check Penrith’s newest entertainment – Smash Stuff Rage Rooms.

Smash Stuff is located on York Rd in Jamisontown (opposite Jamison Park). Just like us, they are a local, family-owned business. Smash Stuff Rage Rooms are owned and operated by Rob & Katrina who also run Throw Axe.

Safety First

Our team of 11 rocked up and donned all the protective gear – boots, overalls, neck scarfs, and face shields. It was good to see they had safety overalls from size XS to 6XL to cover every boy shape. We listened to the safely briefing by Rob filled with lots of puns as we have known and loved from Rob during our visit to Throw Axe.

A Smashing Good Time

There are three smash rooms, each with a barrel and baseball bat. The artwork in each room is amazing, each painted with its own superhero. Each participant is given a crate of breakable items, items like glassware and crockery and are encouraged to take turns smashing the items in your crate. We threw it as hard as we could against the wall, we smashed it with the baseball bat, we watched it smash on the floor when we swung and missed with the baseball bat (as demonstrated by Danni below). We had a smashing time!


Smash Stuff is right near Yumm!! Gourmet pizza. The Smash Stuff team assisted us with our pizza order.

The finale

We finished off by throwing some colour bombs (glass bottles full of coloured salt) against the wall which look amazing in slow motion. They also have the option of purchasing extra items to smash such as large TVs!

What did we think?

Team Building / Bonding in an escape rooms is much different to smashing things at Smash Stuff. While we have a preference for working together as a team to solve puzzles, we certainly enjoyed trading the mental gymnastics for the physical release.

Spending time together at Smash stuff was fun, physical (but not too physical compared to activities such as paintball or whitewater rafting) and a shared experience four our team. We’d highly recommend it!

Looking for a team building activity that is designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration? At Narrow Escape Rooms, your team will work together, fostering collaboration, communication, and cooperation.

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Whatever team building or bonding experience you choose, we wish you all the best!

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