The Narrow Escape Rooms team was lucky enough to be invited to Ifly Indoor Skydiving located at Panthers Entertainment Complex – 123 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith

Ifly is indoor skydiving is where you can experience the feeling of skydiving in a wind tunnel without the small plane flying you up.

When we arrived, we registered we were all there and excitedly watched other flyers in the wind tunnel while waiting for our turn.

When the time came, we were called in for orientation. We watched a briefing video that covered the basics such as how to position ourselves and the signs that the instructor might use in the wind tunnel to help us get into the right position. The signs are used because it’s really noisy in the wind tunnel.

The instructor had us practice the position while standing and then we headed over to receive our flight gear. This consisted of a flight suit, helmet and goggles.

The Narrow Escape Room staff doing their own corporate team building session at iFLY Downunder.
Preparing for flight

Then it was time for our flight! Gamemaster Jesse had flown before so he went first to show us how to do it. He was followed by Jacinta, Bri, Lily, Jake and Kit. It was approximately a minute of flying before the next person had a go.

We were sharing the wind tunnel with some experts who went in interspersed with our group, they were amazing showing us what can be achieved with practise!

Each of us had two turns flying in the wind tunnel, we can see how this sport can be addictive!

The website says flyers can be as young as 3 and it is also a suitable activity for those with physical disabilities – all abilities are welcome. You can check out the Ifly website

We all had a fantastic time, thanks Barbara and the team for the invite!

At Narrow Escape Rooms we love taking our team to Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. We can see increased communication, employee motivation, and employee collaboration. 

See our Team Building page on how Narrow Escape Rooms can help your team with a Fun Team Building experience.

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