Corporate group after enjoying our escape room in Sydney

Corporate Team building

Looking for fun activity for your team building experience? Or want to reward your team with an exciting corporate event?
An Escape Room is the best activity for Team Building, Christmas Parties and other work functions for small businesses or small teams. Narrow Escape Rooms is conveniently located in Penrith, the heart of Western Sydney.

Team building activities can help you to build both a positive company culture and the types of behaviours that make businesses thrive.

In our Escape Rooms teams work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, complete a mission and escape the room.

Our Launch, Undetected and Inheritance games are the perfect way to get the team to work in small teams, delegate tasks, communicate, inspire creative problem solving or to simply reward your staff with a bit of fun!

Each game can have up to 6 players catering for up to 18 players at a time.

If you have larger groups, consider sending them in smaller teams, make it a challenge – who will be the ultimate team – sales or accounts?

If your preferred timeslot is not listed, feel free to give us a call to schedule bookings outside our standard session times or flick us an email via the contact us form

C & C Air Conditioning & Refrigeration team bonding session at Narrow Escape Rooms Sydney

Corporate Team Building Event

Benefits of corporate events & team building activities:
  • Connect remote teams
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve productivity
  • Increased collaboration
  • Encourage creativity
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Improved communication
  • Uncover hidden talents
Water NSW celebrating their Corporate Christmas Party in the Launch Escape Room

The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office. Activities that overtly aim to draw in leadership lessons or practical takeaways are less powerful. Spending time together, sharing an experience or working towards a common goal allows bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively.

For more in depth information about escape rooms and how they affect the mind, see our The Psychology Behind Escape Rooms blog.


Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Ten family or friends not enough? Add extra players for $50 per person (I went with this package option as it takes extra work which is a bit hard to squeeze in on a weekend unless they book us out – let me know your thoughts, its basically 4 ppl per game at the new prices but booking us all out)

Our Rooms


  • 60 min
  • medium
  • 2-6

Do you have what it takes to stop the alien invasion?


  • 60 mins
  • medium
  • 2-6

Can you get in and get out undetected?


  • 60 min
  • hard
  • 2-6

She was fun, loving and RICH! She wants YOU to inherit her FORTUNE!

Our corporate team building customers.

Why us?

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At Narrow Escape Rooms we design and build the puzzles ourselves. We also create the story lines for a truly unique experience. Our games include original, challenging and exciting puzzle lines. We have a mix of classic padlocks and high-tech puzzles and props.



We provide the best customer service. Each team will have a friendly and dedicated game master that will monitor your team via CCTV. This premium service allows our game masters to give tailored clues specific to your team to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable game.

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Our dedicated game masters can give you a clue at any stage if you feel stuck. This helps us to cater for different abilities – first timers through to experienced players.

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5 Star

Narrow Escape Rooms Penrith has some of the best rated and best reviewed escape rooms in Western Sydney.

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Our awards include 2021 Penrith Local Business Award Winner for Outstanding Tourism & Experiences! Finalists in a worldwide award for Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiast’ Choice Award (TERPECA).

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Easily added to a fun day in Penrith

Penrith is the adventure capital of Western Sydney. Narrow Escape Rooms is surrounded by bars, restaurants, clubs and a full range of entertainment options. The perfect start to any entertainment event whatever it may be!



Narrow Escape Rooms is centrally located in Penrith CBD. We are easy to reach by public or private transport from anywhere in the Sydney Metro area to greater Blue Mountain’s.


How many people can I have in my group

Each game can have up to 6 players catering for up to 18 players at a time. If you have larger groups, consider sending them in smaller teams, make it a challenge – who will be the ultimate team – sales or accounts?

What are your prices

Our prices depend on the number of players per game:
2-3 players          $60 per person
4-6 players          $50 per person
*Bookings are charged at minimum 3 players on Sundays and 4 players on Public Holidays.

Can we eat there, do you provide catering?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer catering but there are great places nearby to grab a bite to eat before or after your booking. Some of those include:

Do you have conference facilities?

We don’t have conference facilities onsite however we recommend WOTSO Penrith are a 6 minute walk from Narrow Escape Rooms and have meeting rooms and event spaces, mention Narrow Escape Rooms for a 10% discount!

Looking for a larger space? We are also conveniently located near Penrith RSL.

Do we have to be fit to play?

Our games are not physically challenging but you would need at least one person in the game to be able to bend over/crouch and touch the floor or kneel. No crawling is required and there are chairs if anyone needs to sit down during the game.

Players with colour blindness may have difficulty in our Undetected game.

Happy Escapees

5.0 Rating

Kelly Kennedy

We did the inheritance. Fun room. Has a bit more of a home made feel than others, but better puzzles and stories than some more commercial rooms. The games master Jake was friendly and the one hint he gave didn’t give the puzzle away but pushed us in the right direction. Recommend!

5.0 Rating

Connor Jeavons

Had an awesome time. Very well put together with lots of challenging puzzles. Big thanks to Jacinta she was awesome and a very good game master. Will be returning to do the other 2 rooms.

5.0 Rating

Joshua Schroeder

Had a blast and Andre was extremely helpful and super friendly
Had a chat afterward where we discussed the embarrassing moments we had with some of the puzzles but all in all had an amazing time

5.0 Rating

Melanie Hau

Probably the best escape rooms I’ve been to! We did Launch and it was challenging enough to pick our brains but not impossible, all of my teammates including beginners and veterans to escape rooms loved it. Jake was a great game master and orientated us so well which set us up for success. Would definitely do it again if I’m in the area!

5.0 Rating

Nikki Hinrichsen

My husband and I did all 3 rooms at Narrow Escape. Each one had great puzzles and concepts which were challenging but enjoyable at the same time.
I hope to see more rooms in the future and we will definitely be there to support.

5.0 Rating

Sarah Motherwell

INCREDIBLE ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE. We did Undetected and Inheritance back-to-back. The production value of these rooms is phenomenal. We’ve done over a dozen escape rooms and this was by far the best.

5.0 Rating

Rachna Khelawan

My group did the inheritance room and the Narrow Escape Rooms. It was so much fun! The age ranges we had were 14-33 year old. Everyone was able to participate and contribute to solving the puzzle. Highly recommend!

5.0 Rating

Liz Loveday

We were a group of 5 ranging in age from teens to in their thirties and this was so much fun! I hadn’t ever done an escape room before but everyone else in our group had and they all agreed it was a good one and I had a lot of fun as a first timer. Great set up, challenging but also fun and rewarding. Can’t wait to go again when they have another room for us to try.

5.0 Rating

Yesim Gulasi

OMGGGG! we had so much fun. The staff gave us clear instructions, was very helpful and friendly. Will recommend to all my friends. Can’t wait for the next room to be built

5.0 Rating

Cody “Bowerbird” Bower

Amazing!!! Having never done an escape room before Narrow got me hooked. The staff were super friendly, booking was easy and we ended up doing all 3 rooms in less than a month. We’ll worth the visit!

5.0 Rating

Jaidyn Slade

Absolutely unreal, have done a few escape rooms in the past. Nothing compares to the detail that’s been put in. Overall 10/10 Escape room: Undetected.

5.0 Rating

Anil Puri

Absolutely awesome. We booked this for my daughter’s 13th birthday party and they all had a fantastic time. Shelley and the team were super encouraging (and patient) to help the girls “escape”. Very professional and a highly recommended experience.

5.0 Rating

Nicole Dolbel

Our group of 4 had an amazing time doing the Undetected escape room. The puzzles were changeling but nothing team work couldn’t over come. Fun and interactive, imaginative theme. The instructions and instructors were friendly and helpful. We will definitely be going back and purchasing one of their box escape games aswell 🙂

5.0 Rating

Jake Grasshopper

As good as it gets! We did Inheritance room – fun, challenging and exciting! Highly recommend. Shelley and the team there are absolutely fantastic. Perfect hints and perfect post-play walkthrough. The whole experience was 5 star and up there with the absolute best of our escape room experiences around the world. Thank you! We will be back

5.0 Rating

Carol Afoa

It was overall an awesome experience! I’m sorry if I’m saying his name wrong but Jesse was really great and accommodating! 10/10 experience.

5.0 Rating

Weh Yeoh

Very good puzzles and friendly service. Clever design and great service for all your needs

5.0 Rating

Jade Kellow

Great escape rooms and a lovely place! Did the Inheritance and the Undetected escape rooms and had a ball, the puzzles had logical flow, were very creative and were a delight to do.

5.0 Rating

Melanie Wheatley

We love having a local escape room company who are not only so close, but are SO good! We have completed Inheritance and Launch as a family of four, and have really enjoyed the flow of the rooms, the puzzles, the opportunities for teamwork and those ‘aha’ moments. After completing over 80 rooms as a team, Inheritance is in our top 5. We can’t wait to try out the new room soon, as we’re sure it will be just as excellent!

5.0 Rating

Mandy Connell

Highly recommend these guys for a fun night out. It was awesome to see people enjoying the job they do.

5.0 Rating

Amy Kennard

We’ve done all 3 escape rooms now, and each one is different but just as fun and challenging. Definitely recommend it!

5.0 Rating

Claire Miles, ANZ Retail Sales Manager, CNH Industrial Capital

After a long time without seeing each other face to face, it was great for our sales teams to be able to do the Launch and Undetected rooms at Narrow Escapes. I find it an excellent team building activity, and as a Manager, really interesting to see my team in a different capacity. It was great to see them work together, and at times show qualities they don’t get to show at work. Can’t wait to do the other rooms next time.

5.0 Rating

Allison Adams, Fresh and Clea

Absolutely Fantastic Fun! I had arranged an Escape room as a work team outing, something fun away from the office. All of us had a great time, working through all the clues and puzzles together, having a great laugh and lots of Fun and Puns! This game could be a great family or group of friends outing (most suitable for adult aged family members or friends although there’s nothing at all of offence). Absolutely Highly Recommend!!

5.0 Rating

Katrina Keshishian Throw Axe

We had a fantastic time and Narrow Escape Rooms for a team building event. Would highly recommend it, Shelley and the team are friendly and welcoming and the whole team had a blast

5.0 Rating

Mark and Jen Webster, Mindflare

We hired all 3 rooms for a company team building activity. We loved that this experience got the team to critically think outside of their normal work practice and collaborate together in a way that psychologists don’t normally get to do. There was laughter, squeals, clapping and cheering. We highly recommend to those thinking of where to take their team next that nurtures a fantastic work culture.


Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2019

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Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020
Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020
Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020
Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020
Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020
Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020
Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020
Penrith City Local Business Award Finalist Poster 2020 Narrow Escape Rooms
LBA Finalist 2020

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