We are extremely excited to advise that Narrow Escape Rooms’ “The Inheritance” is an awards finalist in the International Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Award (TERPECA). These awards identify the best escape rooms internationally.

How does the TERPECA awards work?

Escape Room enthusiasts who have played 200+ escape rooms nominate up to 15 of their favourite escape rooms.  Escape Rooms that receive enough nominations from these enthusiasts get nominated as a Finalist.

As you can imagine, only a small number of Australians have played over 200 escape rooms, compared to some other countries where escape rooms have been around longer. It is difficult for Australian escape rooms to get nominated and a massive honour to be on the finalist list.

The awards finalists then go through to the ranking stage. In this stage, enthusiasts who have played 100+ escape rooms rank the escape rooms that they have played that made the finalist list.

Shelley has played over 100 escape rooms and was able to rank her favourite escape rooms! Owners, employees, game designers and their families have to declare on conflict of interest for their own games, but she was able to rank the others.  

After the ranking is closed, the TERPECA team do their magic to create the results based on the Perron-Frobenius theorem to rank all the finalists. You can read more about the methodology on the TERPECA website 

"The Inheritance", an international finalist in the 2022 Top Escape Room Project Enthusiasts' Choice Awards.

And the results are...

Narrow Escape Rooms’ The Inheritance was ranked as number 227 in the world and 6th in Australia!

Our congratulations also go to the other Australian escape rooms who made the top 260 escape rooms in the world! The Cipher Room, Next Level Escape, Riddle Room Canberra & Mission Room Escape Sydney!

The escape room that came out on top of this international list was Lockhill’s Chapel & Catacombs based in Athens Greece. Booking our flights now….

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