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Narrow Tech Systems is largely known as being at the forefront of scientific discovery.

Your team has been handpicked to steal a revolutionary piece of technology that will change the world.

It’s the Biggest Score of your lives, its your chance to prove your skills. Stealth is key to the success of this operation.

Can you get in, steal the latest technology and get out Undetected?

Escape room props for undetected in Penrith
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This game can be varied depending on the team to cater for beginners, children’s parties and family groups through to experienced players

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Our Escape Rooms are designed for adults however as each game has a dedicated game master who can provide as many clues as needed, Undetected is suitable for as young as ages 8+. Children 8 to 12 will require an adult in the room. 13 to 16 will require an adult to stay on the premises.

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Bring your reading glasses and a sense of curiosity!

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Physical Requirements:

•  This game has a number of colour puzzles so at least one player will need to be free of any colour blindness.
•  We are located on the 1st floor with only stair access
•  There are chairs in the game if any player needs to rest


2-3 Participants


Per Person

4-6 Participants


Per Person

*Bookings are charged at minimum 3 players on Sundays and 4 players on Public Holidays.


Where is the Undetected Escape Room in Sydney?

The “Undetected” Escape Room is located at Narrow Escape Rooms Penrith.

Our address is Suite 4, 2 Castlereagh St, Penrith. We are located in Surveyors house up the street from Penrith RSL above Mrs Cs Cupcakes. The entry door is between Mrs Cs Cupcakes and Witten Partners. If you are arriving outside of normal business hours, press the intercom to the right of the door to be buzzed in. Once you are in the foyer, head up the stairs and Narrow Escape Rooms is on your right.

There is parking in the surrounding streets (check signs for time limits) and in the public carpark in Masters Place (2 hour parking limit – 8.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 4.30pm Sat)

Narrow Escape Rooms is a short 12 minute walk from Penrith Station.

For more help locating us (including photos of the front of the building), check out our How to get here page.

How long will the Undetected Escape Room last?

You will have one hour get in and steal the piece of technology and get out undetected at Narrow Escape Rooms. We ask groups to arrive 15 minutes prior to their allotted start time for our pre-game rules and instructions. We allow 10minutes overtime (assuming your team started on time) and some time for a post-game photo shoot and debrief if you’d like.

You should allow 1.5 hours for your escape room experience.

How hard is the Undetected Escape Room?

We have rated the game 3 or 4 out of 5 in terms of difficulty, Undetected can be varied slightly to be challenging for beginners, children’s parties and family groups through to experienced players.

Is Undetected suitable for children?

The puzzles and clues are targeted to adults, however our Undetected game is suitable for children 8+ with adult supervision. Narrow Escape rooms is an excellent family activity. Children 8 to 12 will require an adult in the room. 13 to 16 will require an adult to stay on the premises.

Our Undetected game is also a fun and unique children’s party idea! For more details visit our Children’s Parties page.

How do I book Undetected at Narrow Escape Rooms

Bookings can be made online on our bookings page where you can select your desired day and time and pay online.

Bookings can be made over the phone by calling 4789 0140. A deposit will be required at time of booking.

How many people can I have play the Undetected Escape Room in Penrith?

Our Undetected game can accommodate 2 to 6 people, if your group is larger than 6, consider booking more than one game at similar time slots.

If your group size is larger than 18, consider booking back to back sessions.

Grab your favourite squeeze or a bunch of mates and Book Now

Will there be anyone else in the room with us?

No, the only people in the room will be the people you bring with you. We don’t add strangers to your group and there is no one in the escape room to scare you in any way.

What if I don’t know what to do?

Your team will have a friendly and dedicated game master that will monitor your team via CCTV. This premium service allows our game masters to give tailored clues specific to your team to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable game.

Can I come dressed in costume?

You are welcome to come dressed however you like, we recommend comfortable clothing. Our Undetected game has some uniforms which you are welcome to wear to get into character.

Why us?

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At Narrow Escape Rooms we design and build the puzzles ourselves. We also create the story lines for a truly unique experience. Our games include original, challenging and exciting puzzle lines. We have a mix of classic padlocks and high-tech puzzles and props.



We provide the best customer service. Each team will have a friendly and dedicated game master that will monitor your team via CCTV. This premium service allows our game masters to give tailored clues specific to your team to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable game.

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Our dedicated game masters can give you a clue at any stage if you feel stuck. This helps us to cater for different abilities – first timers through to experienced players.

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5 Star

Narrow Escape Rooms Penrith has some of the best rated and best reviewed escape rooms in Western Sydney.

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Our awards include 2021 Penrith Local Business Award Winner for Outstanding Tourism & Experiences! Finalists in a worldwide award for Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiast’ Choice Award (TERPECA).

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Easily added to a fun day in Penrith

Penrith is the adventure capital of Western Sydney. Narrow Escape Rooms is surrounded by bars, restaurants, clubs and a full range of entertainment options. The perfect start to any entertainment event whatever it may be!



Narrow Escape Rooms is centrally located in Penrith CBD. We are easy to reach by public or private transport from anywhere in the Sydney Metro area to greater Blue Mountain’s.

Escape Rooms in Sydney Review

“My team really enjoyed Undetected.  As a team of geeks, we really enjoyed the various easter eggs and geek references throughout, as well at the interesting puzzles and storyline.

There was a really nice mix of puzzles in Undetected, ranging from relatively low-tech, to very high tech (and even some dexterity puzzles where players need to show their coordination skills).  As with all tech in Narrow Escape Rooms’ rooms, it’s all completely seamless and well-concealed”

You can check out the full review on the Escape Rooms in Sydney blog.

Scott and team from Escape Rooms in Sydney Blog in our Undetected Escape Room

Happy Escapees

Absolutely loved the Undetected room! Crazy good experience and so much thought put into that for the players!

- Rhyannan Fitzgerald

Our group of 4 had an amazing time doing the Undetected escape room. The puzzles were changeling but nothing team work couldn’t over come. Fun and interactive, imaginative theme. The instructions and instructors were friendly and helpful. We will definitely be going back and purchasing one of their box escape games aswell 🙂

- Nicole Dolbel

This was an awesome adventure for a teenager birthday celebration. Nearly nestled away inside the Narrow Escape Room certainly challenged and entertained the group. Our booking was for the undetected adventure and having never completed the adventure previously they managed to escape with 1:31 minutes spare. Thank you the team at Narrow Escapes we’ll be back to try out another adventure as a family in the school holidays.

- Terrianne Williams

We had so much fun at Narrow Escape Rooms. We did Undetected. …and escaped. It was really well thought out, with great attention to detail. So much fun to solve the puzzles. Rooms looked really believable . Very clean with no sign of wear and tear. Staff were really friendly and helpful and seemed genuinely interested in what they do. We can’t wait to go again and solve the other 2 Rooms.

- Chris Owen

Me and Hubby did undetected tonight for our wedding anniversary — and by far the best fun we’ve had! soooo well done and so awesome with all the props etc! the customer service was also we didn’t finish the room but they were so nice to give us some extra time and we actually really appreciated it. We can’t wait to do the next escape room! 10/10000 would recommend!

- Lania May

This was our first escape room experience and we had an amazing time! Was fun for all ages.
The puzzles were challenging but not too hard (we had to use a few clues). Shelley and Bree are super friendly, informative and helpful.
Will definitely be back to try the other rooms. Highly recommend!

- Western Sydney Mums


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