We normally like to take our team to play Escape Rooms, but Penrith have a number of just as excellent recreational activities so we took the team to Throw Axe, Penrith for our own team building activity.

Throw Axe is located on York Rd in Jamisontown (opposite Jamison Park). Just like us, they are a local, family-owned business. You can check out the Throw Axe website.

Throw Axe is right next door to Yumm!! Gourmet pizza. The Throw Axe team assisted us with our pizza order.

There was 12 of us and we went midweek which meant we had the place to ourselves. It’s a large place so they can cater for even larger groups.

Our Game Masters team building session at Throw Axe Penrith
Gamemaster Jacqui and Craig showing off their bullseyes!

On arrival we were greeted by the owners Rob & Kat and their team. We were talked through the safety procedures which included a number of axecellent puns, Rob gave us instructions on how to find the perfect throwing positon, as well as style and stance to have the best chance of hitting the target and we all got some time to have a few practice shots. When anyone hits the middle circle of the target, everyone is encouraged to yell “bullseye”.

We then had a knockout tournament to see who had the best aim. The finale came down to Gamemaster’s Josh and Eric. It was an exciting play off with the Survivor – Eye of the Tiger pumping and everyone yelling bullseye! With the final score of 24 to 19, Josh took out the Narrow Escape Rooms competition, congrats Josh!

We ended the night with a few more throws and a photo of us all in viking helmets with axes, swords, machetes with more viking and axe throwing puns.

We all had a high energy and axeciting time, we recommend Throw axe as a great team building activity, thanks Rob, Kat & the team!

2021 Narrow Escape Rooms Throw Axe Winner.
Gamemaster Josh is the Narrow Escape Rooms Throw Axe Champion!

At Narrow Escape Rooms we love taking our team to Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. We can see increased communication, employee motivation, and employee collaboration. 

See our Team Building page on how Narrow Escape Rooms can help your team with a Fun Team Building experience.

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