Haven’t played an escape room before and don’t really know what to expect? Here are my top tips for your first escape room

Choose your game wisely

Have a look at the difficulty level, for your first escape room, I suggest you start with a beginner room (such as our Launch game). They are generally a little easier than other rooms but that doesn’t mean they are easy.

If you don’t like being scared, don’t do a scary escape room your first time (most escape rooms aren’t scary).

If you are bringing kids, check what ages are suitable for the game. You can find this information on the Escape Room’s website.

Players celebrating the success in our Inheritance escape room near Castle Hill

Listen to the pre-game briefing

The game master will tell you how many clues you can have and how to ask for clues. Many groups think that they won’t need any clues and 10 mins in they find themselves stuck, so it’s best to find out just in case.

The briefing will help you save time and keep you safe – it will cover what not to do such as you don’t need to stand on chair or tables, no need to move furniture, the fans are just to cool you down so you don’t waste your time on these things.

They will also cover any safety procedures such as where the emergency exit is located.

Search the room thoroughly

You need to find the clues, this is not the time to be shy – look around, look under it, over it, behind and if it opens, open it.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Tell your team what you find eg. A lock with a 4 digit combination, a piece of paper with x on it etc, this helps to identify and focus on what you are looking for.

Brainstorming helps solve puzzles – talk to each other “what if we try this”, “or this”, sometimes you may need to bring a team mate back from overthinking – complicated calculations are not required!

Many escape rooms (including Narrow Escape Rooms) have the Game Master monitoring the game via CCTV, thinking out loud helps the game master know your thoughts, so they can give subtle clues as they can tell if you are getting it (or not)

Celebrate your successes

You played an escape room for some fun so enjoy all the little successes along the way!

Are you up for the challenge? Head over to Our Rooms page to check out our games.


Launching the missiles in the escape room at the foot of the Blue Mountains

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