Narrow Escape Rooms Penrith now accepts the Seniors Card!

The Seniors card is welcome at Narrow Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been gaining popularity in recent years as a fun and interactive activity for people of all ages. However, some may think that these escape rooms are only suitable for young and active people. Escape Rooms are not physical, they are a great way to exercise the mind. The puzzles and challenges in the escape rooms require critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can help keep the brain active and healthy.

We love to see seniors enjoying our games whether the whole team are seniors, or seniors who come with their children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. This is why Narrow Escape Rooms has registered as a business that accepts the Seniors card!

What is an escape room?

An escape room is an indoor game where couples or small groups work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, complete a mission and escape the room within a certain time frame. You can read more about escape rooms in our blog ‘What is an escape room?

Narrow Escape Rooms have three missions to choose from:

  • Will you be the heroes and save the world from an alien invasion in our Launch game?
  • Attempt to be the world’s greatest thieves in Undetected?
  • Or earn your fortune in The Inheritance?

You can read more about our games here.


Multiple generations playing our Launch game in Sydney.
We love it when multiple generations play our games

What do I get with the Seniors card?

The Seniors Card is an Australian government initiative that provides discounts and concessions for seniors on a range of products and services, including leisure activities. By accepting the Seniors Card, Narrow Escape Rooms is making their experience even more accessible and affordable for seniors.

If your team includes one or more seniors card holders, simply enter the code “SENIORS” when booking online for 10% off the entire team! This code is valid for Monday to Friday bookings only for groups of 4 or more.  **Not valid NSW School Holidays or Public Holidays

Please bring your seniors card with you to your booking, if you are unable to show your seniors card, the full amount will be payable.

Physical requirements

The team at Narrow Escape Rooms are friendly and accommodating, making sure that all players feel comfortable and safe. Your teams dedicated game master will monitor your team via CCTV and give tailored clues specific to your team to ensure they have a fun, enjoyable time escaping.

  • We are located on the 1st floor with only stair access
  • We can provide a slightly modified game for any deaf or hard of hearing players, please let us know in advance if this applies so we can have this ready
  • There are chairs in the game if any player needs to rest

Depending on the game chosen, others include

  • Launch and Inheritance – at least one player will need to be able to kneel, crouch or sit on the ground for a few minutes
  • Undetected – this game has a number of colour puzzles so at least one player will need to be free of any colour blindness.

To check out where else you can use your seniors card, check out the senior card website.

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