Box One available to purchase at Narrow Escape Rooms
Box One available to purchase at Narrow Escape Rooms


What does the box say?

Box One is an ever evolving game of Trivia, code breaking, and puzzles uniquely designed to challenge only ONE person, and it seems that person is you. And only you, alone.

Prepare to set out on an exciting adventure like no other as you discover, unlock, and decode the secrets of BOX ONE:

A game for one. Created by One.

Outline of the game

Box One is a play at home board game designed by Neil Patrick Harris. It was only available overseas for a while so it took us a while to get our hands on it (Don’t worry, we also got a few copies to sell at Narrow Escape Rooms if you are looking to play!)

The game starts with some trivia questions, unlike a real-life escape room all the answers are not in the box but you can google them.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers so lets just say there were many layers of the game. When you think you must be close to the finish, there is another twist.

The game requires internet access for the second half.

See Drew Barrymore interview Neil Patrick Harris about the game here

Image shows the contents of Box ONE by Neil Patrick Harris

How did we go?

I played with my daughter (13yo), I found it more fun with two people so we could bounce ideas off each other, but the game can also be played by one (smart) person.

Part of the game requires you to go to a website, we got stuck at this because when we started typing in the website, a suggested website popped up and so we clicked on it. We wasted time on this website and it wasn’t the right one so make sure you type the web address in exactly!

We played the game in two sittings. As part of the game, it says to wait 24 hours. We decided to wait as our brains were a little fried by that stage after wasting time on the wrong website but we could have changed the time/date settings on our phone to complete it in one sitting.

We handed the game over to my husband and son who completed it in just under 2 hours in the one sitting.

What did we think?

This is actually my favourite escape room board game to date, I am generally not very good at them but we managed to work our way through. Neil Patrick Harris makes an appearance which is quite cool.

The price point on this one is higher than our other games sitting at $89.95 but I can see why after playing the game. They have put a lot of thought into it and I felt it was worth the price.

We have passed the game onto Craig & Kit and when they have finished it, we will take it into Narrow Escape Rooms so our gamemasters can have a crack!

Where can I buy Box One by Neil Patrick Harris?

We have Box One available at Narrow Escape Rooms and a large variety of other take home escape room type games. You can purchase then when you play an escape room with us or give us a call and we will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come and check out our collection.

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Check out Shelley's unboxing and review in video

Transcript for Shelley’s unboxing and review video

Hi, it’s Shelley from Narrow Escape Rooms. I’ve just got this game called Box One by Neil Patrick Harris and I thought I would have a play of it tonight.

Reading Box: “Box One is an ever-evolving game of trivia, code breaking, and puzzles uniquely designed to challenge only one person and it seems that person is you and only you, alone. Prepare to set out on an exciting adventure like no other as you discover, unlock and decide the secrets of Box One.”

This is what it looks like, lets open it up… It’s nice and gold… You can’t see it, this little bit actually looks like he is looking through there.

Box Contents:

  • A nice little personal note from Neil Patrick Harris;
  • some sort of notepad and little pen;
  • some sort of card in here, I’m not going to open it yet until it tells me it should in case is has some sort of answer;
  • We’ve got some challenge cards, looks like they have numbers and something on there. I am not going to read them yet;
  • That looks like it.

Hi! I’ve just finished. I may look a little different, I’m dressed differently because it’s actually been 2 days since I started the game. Part of the game is to wait 24 hours to come back and do the next bit which suited us as we needed a break because it was quite a long game and it’s quite challenging, so I found that we needed a break. I also got some help from my daughter who does not want to be in the video but is sitting right next to me and I found it better with 2 people because you can bounce ideas of each other, because I’m not that smart.

The game was really good, it had a lot of surprising stuff in it, I’ll leave it with that.

We did get a little card here that says congratulations and you can add your name to a website of winners so we did that, so we are a winner.

We have these games available at the Escape Room, they are quite expensive, but you will find out why when you play them game because there is so much to it. It’s $89.95, If you are looking for some, come check us out, we are open all weekend or by appointment during the week. Let us know if you want to come in.

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