We have three escape games to choose from:

Launch is perfect for beginners (0-5 escape rooms) and families. We have rated it 3 out of 5 in terms of difficulty. Don’t be fooled, we call this a beginner room but it doesn’t mean that it is easy!

Aliens have arrived and they want to do more than just phone home. Systematically the world powers have submitted due to the massive destruction within only minutes of their arrival. The trajectory and speed of the Mothership shows Australia is the next target, soldiers have left their post, the hostiles will be here within the hour. You are a special forces team sent in to restore our defences, can you get our missiles online and stop the alien invasion?

Undetected can be varied in terms of difficulty (3 or 4 out of 5) to cater for beginners, children’s parties and family groups through to experienced players.

Narrow Tech Systems is largely known as being at the forefront of scientific discovery. Your team has been handpicked to steal a revolutionary piece of technology that will change the world. It’s the Biggest Score of your lives, its your chance to prove your skills. Stealth is key to the success of this operation. Can you get in, steal the latest technology and get out Undetected?

The Inheritance is rated 5 out of 5 in terms of difficulty and is suitable for experienced players, larger groups (4-6 people), and families with older children.

You receive word that your Aunt May has passed away. She was your favourite Aunt & she wants YOU to inherit her FORTUNE! However her Maid and Butler have other plans, can you find the will or will they take it all?

If you haven’t played either of our games yet, we suggest you start with Launch.

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