What if we are running late?

If you are more than 10 minutes late, this may affect the length of your game as we may have a group booked in the room after you. A booking becomes a no-show and entry will be declined if the team is 30 minutes or more late. In such a situation the money is not […]

Where can I put my valuables?

Lockers are provided for your use while you are participating in your game. We ask that you secure your phones as they can distract from the game, may provide an unfair advantage and we like to keep the mystery of the room to those who have yet to play.

What if I don’t know what to do?

Our rooms are monitored by cameras, you can ask for a clue at any stage during the game. If we see you are stuck, we may offer to give you a clue. If you want to prepare before you come, you could check out our top tips for your first escape room.

Are Food or drinks allowed?

No Food or drinks are allowed in the rooms. There are a larger number of places to eat and drink nearby before or after your game.

Will anyone jump out and scare us?

No, the only people in the room will be the people you bring with you. We can’t help it if you choose to jump out and scare each other.

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