Our Launch escape room. Shows the open spacious room to soothe the mind of the claustrophobic.
Players in our Launch game

"I have Claustrophobia"

We often get asked about claustrophobia and our escape rooms. An escape room is an indoor game where couples or small groups work together to discover clues, solve puzzles to complete a mission within 60mins. 

For those who suffer from claustrophobia or are anxious about playing an escape room, we understand the terms “escape room” and “locked” in can be anxiety-inducing. We have designed our escape rooms to make them as safe and enjoyable as possible. The rooms are large bedroom sized and you can leave the escape room at any time!

While we come under the genre of ‘escape room’, none of the missions of our games are to escape, leaving the room is simply what you and your team do when you have finished the game.

We find once people get into the game, they are less anxious and more focused on solving the puzzles and enjoying themselves.

We encourage you to read up about our games so you have some ideas of what the room looks like and pick the one you think is going to be most suitable and enjoyable for you.

We have addressed below the most common questions we get in relation to claustrophobia / anxiety.

Our Inheritance escape room. Shows the open spacious room to soothe the mind of the claustrophobic.
Players posing for a photo in the Inhertance escape room

Are we really locked in?

No, anyone can leave the escape room at any time for any reason. There is an emergency exit button next to the door you can enter and can be pressed at any time to unlock the door. Alternatively, we are also happy to leave the door unlocked, just make a note in your booking or speak to your Game Master on arrival.

Will there be anyone in the room with us?

No, there will just be you and your team playing the escape room game. There is no one else in there to scare or surprise you.

Is there anything scary in the game?

None of our games are intended to be scary. Some things may surprise you, such as something popping open automatically when you’ve solved a puzzle.

Are there any narrow, small spaces or crawling required?

No, our rooms are the size of a large bedroom. The are no crawling through small spaces required.

Why Narrow Escape Rooms?

We chose the name Narrow Escape Rooms, because we love the play on words. Narrowly escaping or Narrowly succeeding in an escape room is such an adrenaline rush! The name has nothing to do with the size or shape of our games.

Overall, escape rooms can be a fun and exciting experience for those with claustrophobia or are anxious about playing escape rooms. By taking the time to research and find a suitable escape room and knowing that you can leave the game at any time or take breaks if needed, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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