Children’s Parties

We get it, we are parents too. We’ve been to bowling parties, laser tag, movies, and birthday parties at home and had a great time. This time, are you looking for something unique, something your child’s friends will be raving about at school? The Ultimate Birthday Party!

Our “Launch” and “Undetected” games are suitable for children 8+, children enjoy wearing uniforms, searching for clues, solving puzzles and achieving their mission. Both games are suitable for for 2-6 players.

A birthday party with us includes

  • A dedicated game master
  • 10-15 mins for our pre-game rules and instructions
  • 60 mins of captivating puzzle play
  • 10-15min for extra time, post game debrief & dress up photo shoot
  • A free adult for a booking with 5 or 6 children*
Missiles online, time to launch those missiles

Our dedicated game master will monitor the kids via CCTV and will be able to provide clues by in-room microphones where needed for the kids to have an enjoyable time.

*Children 8 to 12 will require an adult in the room. Children aged 13 to 16 will require an adult to stay on the premises.

Parents and/or guardians must sign a waiver on behalf of any child under the age of 16, allowing them to participate in the sessions.

Let us know in the comments section the name of the birthday child and age so we can wish them happy birthday on arrival.

Feel free to download and print our specially designed birthday invitations here

Which game will you choose? Does your child prefer to be the hero or the villain?

In Launch, teams will work together to Launch the missiles and save the world from an alien invasion.

Undetected will have them breaking in and stealing a revolutionary piece of technology, then getting out Undetected.

Be the hero, save the world from an alien invasion

Or the villain, and break in to a high tech facility.

What if all the kids don’t show up?

We recommend you book and pay for 2 players online (as bookings are non-refundable, see refund policy under our FAQ), then you can pay the balance on arrival by cash or card.

Where are you located?

Narrow Escape Rooms is located in Penrith, Western Sydney just up the road from Penrith RSL club and above Mrs C’s Cupcakes – Suite 4, First Floor, 2 Castlereagh St, Penrith

What about cake?

Unfortunately we don’t have a space to share a cake, however we highly recommend Mrs C’s Cupcakes. Check their site for opening hours.

Or we have a number of delicious restaurants and dessert bars in Penrith.


  • 2-3 Participants

  • $50per person
  • *price includes GST
  • 4-6 Participants

  • $45per person
  • *price includes GST

*Bookings are charged at minimum 3 players on Sundays and 4 players on Public Holidays.

Launch & Undetected Prices