The games at Narrow Escape Rooms are designed and built by us, they are a mix of high and low technology with a little bit of pop culture humour or easter eggs (not the chocolate kind) thrown in for an added touch. Don’t take our word for it, check out what do our customers are saying!


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Scott from Escape Rooms in Sydney (and beyond) Blog has reviewed our Launch, Inheritance and Undetected games:


“The rooms are nicely themed, with appropriate props throughout.  You know how in some escape rooms there are puzzles included just for the sake of it (with no real explanation or tie in to the storyline? Well, I’m really pleased to report that all of the puzzles in Launch made sense to the storyline (and in fact were really well integrated into the storyline).  This really assisted with the room immersion.

The back story to the room is well-considered and the strong storyline continues right throughout the experience; and Launch has a true mix of high and low tech puzzles, which I thought was perfect for the room”

You can check out the full review here

Escape Rooms in Sydney Review Launch

The Inheritance

“My team raved about The Inheritance for some time afterwards – not only was it a well-designed room that had us scratching our heads a several points to try and solve their very clever puzzles, we also had a heap of fun along the way.

I also know from speaking with other experienced players who have tried The Inheritance that they absolutely loved it as well.

It really is a fantastic room.  My team cannot wait to head back out to Narrow Escape when they open more rooms.”

You can check out the full review here

Escape Rooms in Sydney Review Inheritance


“My team really enjoyed Undetected.  As a team of geeks, we really enjoyed the various easter eggs and geek references throughout, as well at the interesting puzzles and storyline.

There was a really nice mix of puzzles in Undetected, ranging from relatively low-tech, to very high tech (and even some dexterity puzzles where players need to show their coordination skills).  As with all tech in Narrow Escape Rooms’ rooms, it’s all completely seamless and well-concealed”

You can check out the full review here

Escape Rooms in Sydney Review Undetected Blog